The Micro BandThe Micro Band

Onstage: 12:30am

The Micro Band are an Edinburgh based band who lovingly united in 2014 to yield happy vibes and fun music that make your face smile and your body move!


The LoreleiThe Lorelei

Onstage: 10:00pm

The Lorelei formed in early 1990 when Martin (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Fraz (drums) recruited Jonny on bass after meeting at Venture Scouts. With no previous band experience things were initially a little shambolic but there were definite signs of the great songs waiting to be unleashed. The arrival of Beefy after a couple of months helped pull things together and the first foundations of The Lorelei were laid. Over the coming months Diane and Flossie joined the party and The Lorelei’s unique folk, punk, rock, metal sound began to develop through a hugely varied range of influences. The Lorelei were selected by M8 magazine to feature on a free tape of Scottish unsigned talent and were promptly offered a 2 album deal with Lochshore records. 7 years was spent touring from Lerwick to London, playing up to 200 shows a year. Gigs ranged from small rural bars, to renowned venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, to independent festivals. Managed originally by Rob Swan and then by Tam Balloch, they became regular features in venues throughout Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales and the fan base continued to grow. Touring was constant and The Lorelei way of life was based around travelling, playing, drinking and laughing – their reputation for having a good time preceded them. This was part of the whole charm of The Lorelei, and something that remains with them to the present day. This was all tied together with The Lorelei releasing an EP of new recordings in August 07. The Home EP featured 6 brand new tracks which unveiled the song writing talents of Beefy and Keith. With these highly charged and emotional tunes the band retained their high octane approach to the folksy rootsy rock which had helped built their reputation throughout the 90s. 2011 saw The Lorelei release their highly acclaimed 3rd album Faces on Fat Hippy Records. Diane brought her writing talents to the fore with this release, and Flossie’s array of instrumental talents truly surpassed themselves! With Faces came a UK tour (including a long awaited return to London) and featuring as album of the month on After 3 years plugging Faces throughout the country, more festival appearances and more supports (with the likes of The Levellers), The Lorelei and Fat Hippy decided it was time for a 4th album, and in June 2015 Roaring arrived on the shelves. Welcomed with rave reviews and more gigs throughout the land The Lorelei’s latest offering showed no signs of them being anywhere near slowing down. The final appearance of Jonny in September 2015, before he headed off to start a new life overseas, saw a personnel change on bass – with Fat Hippy’s very own Captain Tom jumping on-board. A new chapter begins but with the same old Lorelei spirit and desire to share their music and joy with the people who matter the most – you guys!



Lyndon Anderson BandLyndon Anderson Band

Onstage: 7:00pm

The Lyndon Anderson Band masterfully mix up a musical hot sauce of blues influenced soulful funk rock that takes the listener on an auricular adventure to soul blues heaven. Whether it's a hip reworking of a 1950's Chess classic, a chunk of New Orleans funk, rocking Texas shuffles, foot stompin’ Zydeco, jazz influenced West coast swing or one of their many originals there’s something for every lover of the blues. Having performed at the some of the most prestigious music festivals, including Edinburgh Jazz Festival, the Great British R&B Festival, and Stanley Blues Festival, performing to an audience of over 15,000, they have shared the stage with such luminaries as Jack Bruce, Eric Bell, Paul Jones, Sugar Blue, Eugene Hideaway Bridges and Paul Lamb. Their authoritive, individual and distinctive style is showcased on 2 CD releases both of which have received national and international airplay and resounding acclaim. Their tough high energy sound is a blend of L.A.’s soulful muscular vocals, innovative and exciting world class harmonica, boogaloo guitar, killer bass lines and razor tight grooves all packed with so much energy that they leave you out of breath yet still wanting more.


Event Details

Event: The Micro Band, The Lorelei, Lyndon Anderson Band

Date: Saturday 3rd December 2016

Venue: Stramash

Time : 12:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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