The Moanin Bones

Onstage: 12:30am

The Moanin Bones play a mixture of blues  and rock n roll.


Kathy Muir

Onstage: 9:30pm

Soulful balladeer Kathy Muir conjures enlightened songs that paint vivid landscapes of her journey as she transforms elements of pop, folk, jazz and the blues into brand-new sounds. Her warm, playful voice glides through lyrics that unfold like the words of an inviting diary. They are joined by ethereal guitar melodies and rhythms of an orchestra of other instruments that help tell the story of her well-traveled life.

Muir’s fine-tuned skills as a songwriter and a photographer as well as her willingness to share personal perspectives and bold emotions enrich her intimate, multidisciplinary approach to her art. And she honors creative innovators and her own folk heroes, including naturalist John Muir, painter Pablo Picasso, expansive pop and rock songwriters like Queen and Tangerine Dream and R&B goddesses Aretha Franklin and Robert Flack who have all shaped her style. Muir’s frequent collaborations with artists across media have allowed her to continuously evolve her work while extending the boundaries of singer/songwriter material into unexpected realms. Her new single, “Second Life” explores metamorphosis and change and celebrates her love of sweeping, dramatic ballads.


Event Details

Event: The Moanin Bones, Kathy Muir

Date: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Venue: Stramash

Time : 18:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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