The Legendary Graeme Mearns BandThe Legendary Graeme Mearns Band

Onstage: 01:30am

The Legendary Graeme Mearns Band covering a wide range of styles from mellow jazz through abrasive alternative to full blown punk rock his highly original material showcases his inimitable guitar style and blackly humorous – not to mention foul-mouthed – poetic sensibilities. Imagine Django Reinhardt getting drunk with the Stooges and you’re somewhere close.


Big HandBig Hand

Onstage: 12:30am

Big Hand combine the catchiness of bubblegum pop with the balledry of gypsy folk, the manic energy of early Chillis with the mellow lilt of Manu Chao, the raw buzz of punk with the driving grooves of four to the floor disco rock, the soulful lyrics of motown with the heartbreaking harmonies of the Beachboys, the angular spikey rhythms of the Arctic Monkeys and the intricacies of Radiohead with the simple killer hooks of James Brown. All this and in damn sharp suits to boot.


Big Fat PandaBig Fat Panda

Onstage: 10:00pm

Big Fat Panda has seen many changes in line up over the past few years . They have up to 7 members on a good night and 5 or 6 on a quieter night. Whatever one you catch, you are going to have a good time with a mixed set of original songs and a balanced set of covers. They all fair from good stock of the ska kind and have played in many other bands around the scene for years. Bombskare, The G-Men, Pork Pie, This Are 2Tone, The Harringtons, The Skalligators to name but a few. They recorded a CD album a couple of years ago called "IT's Oot".


Event Details

Event: The Legendary Graeme Mearns Band, Big Hand, Big Fat Panda

Date: Saturday 2nd July 2016

Venue: Stramash

Time : 18:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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