Richard Wreck JenkinsSlam Punk

Onstage: 12:30am

Slam Punk are 90's pop-punk covers band. A bodacious team of fellas churning out the best of the 90's pop-punk, alternative rock, ska-punk and nu-metal.


The Jas Josland Band

Onstage: 9:30pm

The once shy (I-only-sing-in-the-shower) Jas Josland never knew that moving to South Korea and discovering karaoke would awaken the energetic musician inside of her. A self-taught guitarist and world traveller, New Zealand-native Jas is now pursuing her musical dream by performing indie rock in time zones all around the world.

The same path brought Jas to Hong Kong where she found great opportunities such as performing at TEDx and the Secret Island Party. In 2016 the musician made her way to Scotland to play the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and tour Europe..

Jas’s debut album "See What You Did There" was released in January this year. It brings together stories and adventures from the last few years of her travels. "When you're in a country and can't quite speak the language, people watching and body language become your lifeline," Jas says about her new work. With an interesting resume that includes such job titles as fire fighter, children's performer, English professor and Superyacht crew, Jas has finally put her fear aside to follow her musical dream.

Jas has just wrapped up a 25 date New Zealand tour and is currently gearing up for a solo Europe tour.



Event Details

Event: Slam Punk, The Jas Josland Band

Date: Tuesday 21st August 2018

Venue: Stramash

Time : 15:00 - 05:00

Cost: Free

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