3's A Crowd

Onstage: 12:30am

3's A Crowd is a covers quartet playing anything from funk, blues, pop, through to heavy rock, metal and rap. They take requests and play all over Edinburgh.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threesacrowdmusic/

Slow GearSlow Gear

Onstage: 11:00pm

Slow Gear was created in summer 2013, the result of two musicians (Scott Jamieson and Frazer Knox) looking to home their compositions. Unsure of the criteria for their desired sound and musicians, they began to experiment with writing and performing until the 7-piece fusion outfit was found. The group began to develop their sound throughout 2014, performing their debut gig at the renowned ‘Stretched’ contemporary jazz night at Bloc in Glasgow. As of 2016, the band features alongside Scott (drum kit) and Frazer (guitar), Grant Bolton on keys, Lewis Shaw on bass, Michael Brogan on tenor sax, Charles Dearness on trumpet and Matt Hawke on trombone. They are set to perform extensively and release new material, continuing to combine their catchy melodic style with deviant aspects, driven by intriguing complexity and straight up groove.

Website: https://slowgearmusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slowgearmusic/

Jack and the'Jack and the'

Onstage: 10:00pm

Jack and the’ is a pop project led by Julien Lonchamp, a Frenchman in exile in Edinburgh. On the 22th February 2016 Jack and the’ will release their second album Melody Cycle on Folkwit Records (UK), Hot Puma Records (Belgium) and WeWant2Wecord (France). The ambition behind Melody Cycle is to combine catchy melodies influenced by 60s’ pop with rich orchestrations and cascading harmonies, in the tradition of the great orchestral pop records. The story behind Melody Cycle is one of patience, with the album taking four years of painstaking work to produce. Written and recorded in Edinburgh, Dublin and Nancy (France) over two years, Melody Cycle features no less than 18 musicians, including a brass quintet and the 7-piece Apostrophe Ensemble. Clarinet, trombone, vibraphone, cello but also banjo or sitar populate the 18 tracks of the album, with the band going full circle between pop, chamber music and jazz. Julien then took a full year to assemble the different elements, and the final mix was eventually mastered at Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh.  The band has performed as a five-piece in the UK, France and Ireland and set up their own series of gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow named Pop Exchange. Jack and the’ will be touring Melody Cycle in the UK, France and Belgium in Spring 2016, and word on the street is that they might well be trying to pack the Apostrophe Ensemble in their luggage for a few gigs…

Website: http://www.jackandthe.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackandthe/

Event Details

Event: 3’s A Crowd, Slow Gear, Jack and the’

Date: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Venue: Stramash

Time : 18:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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