AwryAwry Ceilidh Band

Onstage: 9:30pm

Birthed from the verdant belly of The Forest arts collective in Edinburgh on Samhain Eve in 2010, the infant Awry quickly became known for a very specific and laudacious behavior known as the ‘PSYCHEGAELIC ceilidh’. Awry quickly grew into a strange but precocious child that delights in making order, mirthy musicals broths twisted together from the woody sound of acoustic instruments, potent electrics and the Gaelic language spoken here north of Hadey ‘s wall … If ever you wanted to freak -dance with wild abandon to a bagpipe and fiddle -driven band who have forge -fire for blood and soil between Their toes, or to lie back, eyes shut, Carried along on a bed of sound between ‘Blar’ ( valley plain) and ‘beinn’ (mountain peak), dusted in sea -swell then awry’s creations are for you … This is music to make you move, dream, dance or doodle, like slugging back a musical pint of the wilds of Scotland with a triple shot of space rock for a chaser… AWRY has both ‘brìgh is spionnadh’ (pith and power)… So whether you bare your soles and pound the ground or swim buoyed along in their rollicking, rolling afterswish, either way you’ll be served a musical feast – braw, alive and wriggling… Many of AWRY’s buns are still in the oven and have yet to rise… On this page you’ll find some forage fayre… Scoff them doon and dinnae worry aboot indigestion, they are glutton-free and full of peas…


Event Details

Event: Awry Ceilidh Band

Date: Wednesday 16th January 2019

Venue: Stramash

Time : 18:00 - 03:00

Cost: Free

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